Dusty Britches & Aspen

What could be more fun than performing on the big screen?

Well, if you ask for Dusty Britches and Aspen, the movie stars of Balls out: Gary The Tennis Coach, they would probably say chasing tennis balls and eating Fritos but next to that, being a movie star would be a close second.

“Dusty B” as she’s called by her ower, Kerri Smith(Founder of Live Oak Pet Services) and Aspen owned by Jennifer Blanton, are no strangers to performing, whether it’s in the ring or on the screen. Both dogs are AKC Champions sired by nationally renowned Rottweilers so their pedigree is “all that”.But, these two celebs weren’t satisfied with just a star-powered lineage and championship ribbons.No, they knew they had a higher calling. Using their intelligence and good looks, both Dusty B. and Aspen were ready to move to bigger venues…like the whole world!

Making their dream of stardom come true was Bobbi Colorado of The Wild Bunch, an Austin based animal training company specializing in training pets for film and print production. Dusty B., Aspen and another Rottweiler name Lyric(also owned by Kerri) were top on the list of when Bobbie was contacted by filmmakers loking for rottweilers that would fetch tennis balls, chase people and jump in water, She knew just the crew!

If you ever get the chance to meet Dusty B. or Aspen(they will be at Houston PetTalk booth this jully during the Reliant Dog show), you will quickly realize that the value of the tennis balls in their world is in the mefa millions!

Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach was not the first foray into performing on screen for these two canine actor. 

They also appeared in Friday Night Light Fall Season emerging as the “menacing Rottweilers” so often depicted in movies. But, we know better. Just give these two a pat on the head and they are rolling over for more.
Now, I wouldn’t say that Balls Out Gary The Tennis Coach is a movie for family viewing and certainly not up for an academy award but Dusty B. and Aspen were hanging around with some serious star power, Seann william Scott and Randy Quaid. As sucj they have become quite the rage…handing out paw-tographs, demanding a better trailer and having bouts of complete spoiled insistence on French fries from Jack In The Box. “They are certainly proud of their accomplishments”, Smiles Kerri, but she adds, “they still know who’s incharge of the tennis ball launching and the kibble and at the end of the day”.